Data Sonification.

Seminar and workshop by Daniel Siemaszko (Switzerland)

17.11, 19:00, 21:00, The House of Cinema, Blue hall
The content of this presentation comes as a result of a series of discussions on the broad notion of data interpretation when talking about its sonification. A quick review on existing data sonification in science and art is presented with sound examples as a way to understand what one expects from this practice. A focus is suggested on the specific case of data sonification for network security monitoring and more generally surveillance technologies. As a final part, we suggest an evocation of the primal sound – or what future archeologists will find out in our data – with some SuperCollider code examples for sonifying data with an artistic approach.

This seminar will be followed by a workshop on SuperCollider, allowing the audience to experiment their own sonification. SuperCollider is a coding environment that is free and open-source. This workshop has the aim to give a basic understanding of the concepts and be able to re-use examples that one can find among SuperCollider’s online community. Each participant should bring a computer (Linux, MacOS, Windows) with an installation of the software that can be found on the following page:


“Black Cloud” original composition played live by electroacoustic jazz duo INFLUUT (Nat Cilia — saxophone, Daniel Maszkowicz — electronics) (Switzerland)

The event will be held in English.