“Open Call (For Opinions)” Theatre exhibition by Studio Lajf (Czech Republic / Slovakia)

17–18.11, SUN, 17:00, MON, 19:00 METACULTURE
This open call is an interactive attempt to reflect upon the status of our opinions today. In the age of omnipresent communications, their simulation and manipulability, what is the value of your opinions? Through interactive installations and bizarre performances, Studio Lajf collective suggests to reflect on the everyday challenges for expressing our opinions, and seeks to acknowledge those situations while taking an active stance: even if it means doing nothing or doing dada! You are encouraged to share opinions in a variety of ways, and become part of an experimental music improvisation. Personal attitudes, beliefs and experiences, as well as the immediate activity of all those involved, are becoming part of the instant viewers’ manifesto.
The event will be held in English.