Black Cloud exhibition opening  

11.10, 19:00,
KPI Library
Perceiving the library as a living organism, the Black Cloud exhibition interacts with it, filling the megalithic space with new thematic spaces and forming clusters of concepts. Archean marble, Paleozoic limestone and granite used in the interiors of the library are products of genetic processes that took place millions of years ago. Contemporary human achievements equally rely on the products of different geological eras, engineering a new technological shell of the Earth.
Geology and technology set the framework for a short period in the history of the planet marked by unprecedented extractivism and carbon footprint. Seeing it through the strategic directions of Black Cloud, the exhibition acts as a kind of political chemistry lesson, moving across the periodic table: from silicon (Tactical Tech, Kirill Savchenkov), lead (Susan Schuppli) and radioactive iodine, cesium, strontium (Susan Schuppli, Oleksandr Kupnyi, Volodymyr Kuznetsov), to iron (Raqs Media Collective), yttrium, lithium (Phill Wang, Anatomy of an AI), chromium dioxide (Jon Rafman), hydrocarbon (Kinotron Group), and its compounds with oxygen and nitrogen (Emilio Vavarella).